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Press conference: Government of Canada supports a netzero industry transformation
Novembre 8, 2022 · Dalhousie, New Brunswick
From Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA)

The Government of Canada has announced its support for the codevelopers of the Dalhousie Pozzolan project, Carboniq Inc. and Cimbec Canada Inc. with a conditionally repayable contribution of $1,223,361 as part of the Canada Coal Transition Initiative (CCTI) – Infrastructure Fund. This investment will support studies to produce a cementitious material that can contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint of the cement industry.

ACOA's news release: Click here

Report presented by TVA CHAU, in French (2 min 19 s) and article : Le Restigouche au cœur de la révolution de la fabrication du ciment

Cemtech Europe 2022 - Photo Guy Rousseau et Rejean Carrier.heic

Mr. Guy Rousseau, President of Cimbec Canada Inc. and Mr. Réjean Carrier, President of Carboniq Inc. attended the International Conference held in Barcelona (Spain) on the theme "Decarbonising the Cement Industry".


Conference website: Click here

Cemtech Europe 2022: "Decarbonising the Cement Industry"
October 2 to 5, 2022


A volcanic rock extraction project is studied in Dalhousie
Radio-Canada, September 22, 2022
By Serge Bouchard

Cimbec Canada Inc. and Carboniq Inc., two Quebec-based companies, are evaluating a volcanic rock extraction project in Dalhousie, New Brunswick. This rock could be used to substitute a component of the current cement recipe that currently generates a significant amount of greenhouse gases.

Article (in French): Click here

Report by the Acadie TV news, broadcast on September 21, 2022 (at the 32nd minute and 40 seconds): Click here


Volcanic ash with great job creation potential in Dalhousie
Acadie Nouvelle, September 15, 2022
By Jean-Francois Boisvert

A project to exploit a pozzolan deposit, a volcanic rock, is currently being studied in the Dalhousie area. This project has the potential to contribute significantly to the economic activity of the region and create many jobs for many decades.

Article (in French): Click here


Volcanic rock could be 'game-changer' for NB town: mayor
The Tribune, September 15, 2022
By Tim Jacques

Quebec companies Cimbec Canada Inc. and Carboniq Inc. are testing a quarry operation for volcanic rock that will be crushed and then exported from the Port of Dalhousie to cement plants. A low-carbon cement option attractive to cement companies, considering the carbon tax that will make production expensive, but also to their customers and shareholders.

Article: Click here

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